How to Choose the Premium Phaco and Femto Cataract Surgeons

A cataract is one of the most common eye health issues that affect over 9 million people in India. In fact, it is the principal cause of blindness in this country. More than 62% of blind people in India have lost their eyesight due to cataract. However, cataract can be cured, and this cannot damage your vision permanently if you go to the Premium Phaco and Femto Cataract Surgeons.

Choosing the right surgeon for your cataract surgery is not tough. You need to be careful about certain aspects while deciding where to go for this surgery.

Factors to Keep in Mind

  • The Type of the Procedure

Cataract surgery can be done in several procedures. What procedure will you choose? You need to talk to your eye surgeon to understand what the best and most trusted procedures are of cataract surgery in Kolkata and the adjoining areas. While some surgeons may ask you for the typical process of cataract surgery, some prefer to have Phaco or Femto. When you go for these specialised procedures, you must look for the specialists with proper knowledge and vast experience about this process.

  • Be Comfortable with the Surgeon and His Team

Your surgeon’s office or the eye clinic may not be an ideal place to be, but you must feel comfortable with that expert and his team who will be handling your case. Talk to your surgeon personally and ask questions that you have in your mind regarding the process. Clear all your doubts before you lie down on the operation table. If you do not feel comfortable or if the surgeon does not sound confident enough, then you should look for some other options.

  • Get an Explanation of the Procedure

Ensure that your cataract surgeon is ready to explain the entire procedure to you before the surgery. Being a patient, you have every right to know what will he and his team member do with your eyes and how can you expect to meet your needs through this process. Look for an eye surgeon who has this patience. He must be ready to listen to you and discuss the process with you without being agitated. This discussion will make you feel confident about the surgery, and you can feel relaxed too.

  • Consider the Place Where the Surgery Will Happen

Is it a specialised nursing home where only treatments related to eyes are offered? Or is it a small clinic where the surgeon has limited staffs and limited facilities to offer? Consider the place where the surgery will be done. Visit that place personally before the surgery to check its condition. An eye clinic with all the modern facilities, hygienic ambience and experienced staffs should be apt for this process.

Radiant Eye Foundation offers you such kind of ambience and treatment. We have all the modern facilities and tools to ensure complete safety of your patients. We have experts in Phaco and Femto cataract surgeries.

For all types of queries, please feel free to give us a call.

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