How Ophthalmic Surgeries Help?

Our vision and in turn, our eyes are pivotal to our existence. Therefore, we try to take care of our eyes from every possible harm. Even then, the majority of the population end up with some problem regarding their vision. It is natural for humans to experience issues with their eyes, especially with increasing age.

The problems vary from person to person and can affect various parts of their eyes. The good news is that, be it retina or cornea or some other part of the eye, there are surgical options available to treat each of them.

Benefits of Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Treats retinal disorders: Ophthalmic surgeries that treat retinal diseases can be both incisional and non-incisional. In the non-incisional process, a gas bubble is inserted which floats and forces against the retinal detachment. The incisional process leads to the surgeon making an incision on the outermost membrane of the eye and uses a suction tool to remove the part of the fluid that is broken. Any renowned eye foundation would have the necessary technology to perform these surgeries.
  • Helps reduce the use of eyeglasses: Presbyopia is the disease in which people have a problem seeing objects that are near them. This becomes more prominent in a person as they grow older. A regular eye examination in kolkata at a trusted clinic will reveal the degree of damage that has been caused in one’s eyes. Ophthalmic surgeries like corneal inlays can help treat this. This inlay is inserted into a flap of the eye cut by a laser beam.
  • Treats myopia by refractive surgeries: Myopia is a disease which makes the vision of the affected such that they have a problem seeing things that are far away. People can get affected by this at a very young age, and it gets worse as they grow older. To monitor this, a regular eye examination is essential. This can be treated by reshaping the cornea. One must trust one of the top 10 Ophthalmic surgeons in the country to perform these surgeries.
  • Treats glaucoma: Glaucoma is a disease in which excess aqueous substance gets stored in the eye. Through the surgery, the ophthalmic surgeon aims to drain out this excess fluid that gets accumulated in the eye. The surgeon makes a small hole or opening in the eye using laser or tools to drain the excess liquid. This is done through the process of trabeculectomy, iridectomy or goniotomy.

We should always be cautious about our eyes. Letting any problem regarding our eyes or vision to be handled by a novice person is an act of foolishness. To opt for the top 10 ophthalmic surgeons in kolkata in a renowned eye foundation is something that we should take into account to keep our eyes safe and sound against all ailments.