Why Visiting An Eye Checkup Clinic Is So Important

One of the primary reasons why you should schedule an eye check-up at fixed intervals is because it helps in identifying issues in your eyes and other health problems. The doctor will closely evaluate the blood vessels in your eyes. It is much more than checking the power of the glasses you need.

An annual eye exam is necessary to safeguard your health and wellness. The doctor at Eye Foundation Kolkata will discuss the findings and offer treatment options which suits your needs. Don’t shy away from wearing corrective glasses as it has become a style statement nowadays and its popularity is gradually increasing.

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3 Common Effects Of Not Wearing Glasses

  • Headache, Fatigue and Squinting

Few common signs indicating that you need glasses are frequent headaches, fatigue, squinting and rubbing your eyes. The warning signs are dependent on your age and health condition. There are high chances for you to bump into things and trip over if you don’t wear glasses recommended by your eye doctor. It will interpret your daily life if you fail to see things up close or far away. Children generally start avoiding activities which require vision.

  • Risk Of Injury Increases

If you are one of those people who is not wearing corrective glasses recommended by your eye doctor, you won’t be able to enjoy clear vision. The risk of getting injured will increase drastically. One’s reading and driving ability are largely dependent on his sight. There is a higher chance for you to get involved in an accident if you start driving your car without wearing glasses. Children who don’t like wearing corrective glasses experience more sporting injuries.

  • Lead To Long-Term Effects

If you think that not wearing corrective glasses just mean you won’t be able to see things far or near, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Not wearing glasses have numerous long-term effects as well. If you don’t want your child to suffer incomplete development of the eyes, take them to a reputed eye test clinic in Kolkata once every year. Their eyes will develop properly if their retina gets a clear image.

People With Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness is also known as myopia and people who have it won’t be able to see things far away or focus on objects very near them. Visit an eye check-up clinic and you will notice that the eyeglass prescription has been written with a minus sign. The sign indicates that power has to be taken away from the eye so that you can clearly see the objects at a distance.

People Who Are Farsighted

If you are farsighted, it means that your eyes have to work hard when focusing on objects lying near. This often leads to headache and fatigue. Visit a clinic for Eye Examination in Kolkata if you don’t want your eyes to work harder than they should. The doctor will check whether you can accommodate your sight when focusing on close-up objects.

These being said, you now know why wearing corrective glasses is so important.