Why Eye Checkup is Important for You and Your Family

Eye checkup is important for both adults and kids. It is an integral and essential part of your overall health assessment. Your eyes must be checked in a regular manner to ensure that your eyesight is in good condition, and it does not have any other issues or risks shortly. When you visit the top eye checkup clinic in Kolkata for your regular eye examination, you can be informed if there is any eye disease or conditions that need special medical attention or surgery.

Both the children and the adults should go through a regular eye checkup at least twice in a year to enjoy a safe and clear vision.

What is an Eye Examination or Eye Check-Up

Eye checkup does only means checking up the power of the glasses and measuring the eyesight. It is something more than this. A full eye testing includes different process to ensure the overall health of your eyes and their several parts. This includes but not limited to the visual acuity test. Apart from this, the regular eye checkup will ensure that your retina, ophthalmic veins and other parts are working well to make your eyes fully functional.

Eye Checkup Clinic in Kolkata

Why the Checking is Necessary

The results of eye checkup in a certified eye clinic in Elgin will help you to be sure about the health of your eyes.

  • The basic visual acuity test will ensure if and when you should start wearing glasses to see things properly.
  • If you already have the glasses, then the test will rectify the existing power (if necessary), and advice the changed power for your better vision.
  • Regular eye checkup will discover problems like astigmatism and cataract as well. Hence, it is necessary to be on the safer side when it comes to eyes.
  • It is proven that regular eye exams can prevent 70% of blindness. If you follow the eye testing routine for you and your family, then you can prevent many eyesight related ailments easily.
  • Most of the ocular symptoms need attention at an early stage. The condition may become irreversible once it grows up fully. Hence, regular eye testing will help you to recognise such symptoms, and your eye doctor will diagnose the condition properly.
  • Most of the cataract cases can be identified during the regular eye checkup of the person. The surgeon will then suggest the patient FLACs in Kolkata, which is an effective surgical procedure to treat cataract.

For flawless and effective eye testing, you need to find out the best eye clinic in Kolkata. You may find a lot of names, but you should select the most reputed and experienced clinic for this.

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