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Everything You Need to Know about Cataract

Cataracts are probably one of the most common eye-health issues. Cataracts form in the transparent lens like clouds. Most of the middle-aged people (who belong to the age group of over 40 experience vision loss because of this. A proper eye examination can reveal whether a person has cataracts or not. If you are experiencing such a cloudy vision, then you must go to the nearest eye check-up clinic for testing.

But what is a cataract, and how can it create vision loss in most of the people? Typically cataract makes a part of your lens cloudy or opaque. Hence, light does not pass through that cloudy area easily, and you will start having blurry vision. It seems that you are looking at the objects through a fog-covered window or wearing glass that has moisture on it. The cloudier your lens, the difficult it would be to see things.

Is Cataract Surgery is the Only Option

Cataracts have different categories. For most of the types, surgery is the right way to get back the lost vision. You can try Femto Laser Assisted cataract surgery which is not only a modern technique but has an excellent success rate. However, there are different situations in which the ophthalmologist will suggest the surgery to a patient. These conditions are;

  • Finds driving difficulties
  • Cannot be able to take care of themselves or the others
  • Cannot leave the house because of a vision problem
  • Cannot do their job in the office because of the blurry vision
  • Cannot be able to read the newspapers or watch the television

If the surgeon finds that the position of the cataract is severe enough, then surgery is the best option to get faster recovery.

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What to Expect Before, During and After the Surgery

With the passing course of time, the latest technologies have invented, and modern tools are used for cataract surgeries. Hence, the success rate is higher than ever. There are several stages to make the patient prepared for the surgery. 

Pre-Surgical Assessment: Before the surgery, the specialists will go for a thorough check-up of the overall health of the patient along with his eyes. Experts will measure the eyes so that the artificial lens can be prepared and replaced rightly at the time of the operation.

Before the Surgery: Eye drops are used on the patient’s eyes to make the pupils widen so that the surgeon can see things clearly and perform the surgery rightly. In some cases, those eye drops contain an anaesthetic, or a separate anaesthetic injection is used on the patient around the eyes.

During the Surgery: During the surgery, the patient’s eye area will become numb. They may be aware of bright light but cannot feel or see anything around. This type of surgery is minimally invasive. The patient can go back to his or her house right after the surgery.

After the Surgery: After seven days of the surgery, the surgeon will examine the patient and check if everything is okay. Then gradually, the patient can get back to his or her normal life.

For most of the patients, they get back their normal vision right after the surgery. It may take a while to get used to this new, improved vision as the patient became habituated with that blurry vision.

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