Common Myths about Laser Cataract Surgery – Know Before You Have One

You might have heard various types of opinions about laser cataract surgery. Some are positive, and some are negative of them. This is quite normal because everything has two sides, and before you have cataract surgery, you should be aware of both of these sides.

However, there are a lot of myths about Laser Cataract Surgery in Kolkata that is not 100% truth. Even if you have read them somewhere on the internet, then also you should understand that those are written by humans and mistakes can be made. Whether you should go for this surgery or not is your personal decision, but you must be aware of the myths and the facts about this process.

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Know the Myths and the Facts

Laser Treatment is Painful

The fact is it is not. In most of the cases, the patients do not feel a thing during the laser treatment. This is because your surgeon would give your anaesthetic eye drops before the surgery starts. You may feel some sort of discomfort after a few days of the surgery, but this is normal, and the situation will be better as your eyes heal.

The laser is hot

Thanks to the Si-Fi movies, we all have a common concept about a laser that it is smoking hot and red in colour. In reality, the laser used for eye surgery is cold.

It is Not a Permanent Solution

The changes your eye surgeon would make to your corona during the Femto Laser Assisted cataract surgery in Kolkata is permanent. However, with age, you may find some changes in your vision. 

Laser Eye Surgery is Costly

No, it is not. There are lots of clinics in Kolkata that offer this surgery or treatment procedure at a reasonable price. It would help if you found out the most reputed and experienced clinic for this treatment.

The Surgery Could Make You Blind

The laser eye surgery targets the front surface of your eyes. Hence, major complications are rare. Till date, there is no record of going blind after this surgery. Moreover, the trained and certified eye surgeons can fix the issues if you face any problem on your eyes after the laser surgery with the help of advanced treatment procedures.

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