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Everything You Should Know About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery once was a time-consuming and risky procedure. Thanks to the improvement of medical science and ophthalmic technologies, now it becomes a matter of a few hours. Nowadays, the eye surgeons can perform the Femto Laser Assisted cataract surgery in Kolkata with the help of local anaesthesia, and the patient can get back to his normal life just after few days of the operation.

Why Cataract Surgery Is Popular

The success rate of modern cataract surgery is significantly higher than the previous procedure. Unlike the past times, now people can easily decide whether they should go for the cataract surgery or not. Now they are assured about the risk-free and useful result of the surgery. Hence, they feel confident about going for the same.

The eye surgeons also prefer to go for the surgery for their patients with cataract issue to offer them a speedy recovery. However, there are few additional decisions that one need to make regarding the surgery, which are quite critical and imperative as well.

Two Important Decisions to Make Before the Surgery

When to Have the Surgery: Cataracts are the normal consequence of being aged. At the age of 80, most of the people have a cataract and cannot get a clear vision of things. The eye lenses become less resilient, and that makes things difficult to see and understand. However, there can be other age-related vision changes when you are at your late 70s or early 80s. 

Thus, the decision should be made based upon the disturbance of the view one is experiencing because of the cataract. There should be no hurry because the cataract is not a life-threatening ailment. However, once you start feeling tough to get visions of things and people around you, then it is the time to ask your surgeon for the cataract surgery.

Where to Perform the Surgery: This is probably the most crucial question to be answered. You need to look for the best eye surgeon with a vast experience of cataract surgery to get the desired result in your case. Search on the internet for the Top 10 Ophthal Surgeons in Kolkata. Now, check their reputation, level of experience, success rates, online reviews to know how effective their treatment is.

You can visit some of the clinics of these experts to get a first-hand experience about their procedure and treatments. Talk to the surgeon personally to know how confident and helpful they are while talking to their patients. Go for the doctors who have in-depth knowledge about the latest techniques of cataract surgery and use the advanced tools to operate the same. 

It is also required to discuss the before and aftercare routine that you must follow to get the right outcome of the surgery.

Radiant Eye Foundation is one of the leading eye testing and ophthalmic clinic in Kolkata. The top ophthalmologist will perform the Femto Laser Assisted cataract surgery in Kolkata with the help of advanced tools in this clinic. You can obtain a complete medical solution for your eyes right here in Kolkata. For details, please visit our clinic or call us.

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