Things to Know Before You Decide on a Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the procedure to remove the clouded lens in the eyes.  Eventually,  it is replaced with an artificial version. Once, the operation involved an extended stay in the hospital and a lengthy recovery period. Now, things have changed, and cataract has turned out to be a simple procedure. It can very well be done under local anaesthesia on an outpatient. There is no need to seek admission in a healthcare facility at all for the surgery. People recover fast and can get back to their healthy lifestyle within a few days after the surgery. There is a high success rate and fewer chances of developing some severe post-operative complications. These are a few reasons why deciding on a cataract surgery in Kolkata has become a favourably easy affair. There are several well-appointed facilities across the city specialised to offer the best eye treatment and so many brilliant doctors to take care of one’s eyes if somehow a cataract surgery becomes essential.

When and Why a Cataract Surgery is required?

Cataract tends to be a general consequence of ageing. It is a gradual process that goes on over the years as the lens of the eyes starts losing its transparency. They become thicker and less resilient. Typically, a cataract creeps on most after they attainan age of 80 years or above.Often, it comes up as a direct consequence of the age-related vision changes. At an earlier stage, one might suffer from a problem of near-sightedness, and it can be taken care of by opting for corrective glasses. Still, if the problem persists then, it might culminate to a worsening night vision and hampering the ability to recognise colours in their pure forms as eventually, colours seem to appear duller.

How to go about it?

As one suffers from a change in vision, the first and foremost should be going for a thorough eye-check-up. One should not wait for noticeable deterioration in sight before undertaking a check-up. It should be something to be done as soon as possible. A comprehensive eye examination is the first action to be taken to detect a cataract or any other vision-related problem like glaucoma or so on. It is vital that every adult in the age group of 40 through 64, must opt for eye tests at least once in two years and annually after becoming 65 years and above.

How is the eye examination procedure done?

You must visit a well-known eye specialist for the check-up. They will examine the sharpness of your vision first by making you decipher a series of letters and symbols on a chart. If it is necessary, then the doctor might also dilate the pupils with some eye drop to check the interior of the eye more closely. A slit lamp is used to illuminate the internal area of the eyes to assess the extent of the clouded area in the lens. There are also a few other specialised tests to ensure that more critical problems like retinal degeneration or glaucoma don’t persist.

When is a lens replacement required?

The most effective cure for cataract is the removal of the clouded lens. There is no need to rush in for the surgery as it is not a life-threatening condition anyway. If there are some other age-related vision problem, then the doctor might advise opting for the surgery sooner. If the cataract is detected in both eyes, then it is often recommended to have the eyes with denser cataract to be operated first and then after significant recovery, the other one to be operated. If one is extremely near-sighted or far-sighted, then the surgeries in both eyes should be done within a shorter period of around one month to escape the issues of double vision or depth perception due to the difference in the vision in both the eyes.

What’s involved in cataract surgery?

Contemporary medical technologies now back cataract surgery, and the expertise of a talented eye-surgeon makes it a perfect option for sure. Generally, phacoemulsification is the approach opted for often. It bears 97-98 per cent of success rate so that one can choose for it without any doubt. Post-operation, one must be in complete rest for a few days—necessary precautions to be taken so that the eyes don’t get infected anyway. After recovery, if required multifocal lenses can be opted for as per doctor’s advice.

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