5 Simple Ways to Prevent Early Onset of Cataract

A cataract is one of the most commonly occurring eye-related afflictions among older adults, and occasionally among middle-aged patients as well. When and if it sets, Femto Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery in Kolkata is the newest, cutting-edge technology available to help a smooth and hassle-free removal. However, there is no fool-proof way to avoid ailment altogether and surely. 

Here are five measures to prevent the sufferings

1. Have a healthy diet

There is no better option to avoid any age-related ailment than to eat healthy. There are certain fruits, vegetable and protein sources which are extremely beneficial for eyes. Food which is rich in vitamin C and E, omega three fatty acids and antioxidants help in preventing early cataracts. Remember to include green vegetables, avocado, nuts, eggs, fish and citrus fruits in your everyday diet. Also, drink enough water and stay hydrated.

2. Keep your blood sugar under control

Diabetes is inherently bad for your eyes, as well as for the rest of your body. An increased level of sugar in the blood will cause your eyes to be dry and swell. The sugar will eventually be converted into Sorbitol by your eye lenses, and this substance, when accumulated in higher amounts, leads to poor quality of eyesight and development of cataracts. By keeping the sugar levels under control, you will be doing yourself a great favour. 

3. Wear eye protective gear

Keep your eye protected from prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, as this can damage the protein content of the lens and lead to cataract formation. For this reason, either wear a photo-chromatic spectacles or right sunglasses when you go outside during the daytime. Look for sun-protection on the glasses which block out nearly 90% of the UVA and UVB rays, is tinted enough to filter most of the visible light and covers your eye socket from all angles. 

4. Quit smoking

The habit of smoking has many harmful consequences to its discredit. One of the lesser-known of them is an increased risk of cataract. Because of tobacco, nicotine gets into your bloodstream, which goes on to produce free radicals in the eyes. Like the rest of your body, free radicals age your eyes faster by damaging the cells and pave the way towards the disease.

5. Drink limited alcohol

A little bit of alcohol is right for your eyes, according to studies. Less than two drinks a day have a beneficial impact on them. However, in excess, it becomes massively harmful. Keeping your alcohol consumption limited might be an excellent way to keep cataract at bay. 

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